Direct color photography: Interference, still photography
“In 1891, Professor Gabriel Lippmann demonstrated to the French Académie des Sciences interference colour photographs of the spectrum and of stained glass windows, taken by a modification of Wiener’s method. An exceedingly fine grained, ...
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Subtractive 2 color: Single coated


Subtractive 3 color: Bi-pack and lenticular film recording, duplitized film with toning and silver dye-bleach
“In October, Eggert of the Agfa Research Department, read a paper at the Berlin meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für photographische Forschung, on the Pantochrom subtractive lenticular bipack tricolor process. (Fig. 1.) The green and blue ...
  • Veröffentlichungen des Wissenschaftlichen Zentral-Laboratorium (1939)

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Subtractive 3 color: Color separation, multicolor dye images
  • Pénichon (2013)

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DuPont Stripping Negative

Subtractive 3 color: Stripping film
  • Steinbacher (2013)

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Subtractive 3 color: Color separation, multilayer print
  • Koshofer

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