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Hand coloring


Coloring of individual frames by the use of very fine brushes. The process was previously applied to lantern slides. Any water based translucent dye was suited for the process, most often the colors were acid dyes.

The process was very time-consuming and tedious. Therefore it was mostly abandoned when stencil coloring was introduced.

In contrast to stencilled films, hand-colored ones often have soft outlines and the application of color varies from frame to frame.

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  • EYE_Biograph_68mm_LesParisiennes_Handcoloring_1898_IMG_0589
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  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0018
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0022
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  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0034
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0038
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0042
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_HDR_IMG_0045
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0050
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0054
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_HDR_IMG_0057
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0058
  • MoMA_LittleNemo_100241_HandColored_IMG_0062
  • MoMA_AmericanBeauties_Handcoloring_1927_HDR_IMG_0089
  • MoMA_AmericanBeauties_Handcoloring_1927_HDR_IMG_0085
  • MoMA_AmericanBeauties_Handcoloring_1927_HDR_IMG_0093
  • MoMA_AmericanBeauties_Handcoloring_1927_HDR_IMG_0097

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