Kodachrome Two-color 1915, after 1930 renamed Fox Nature Color


The Kodachrome process was invented in 1913 by John G. Capstaff for still photography and subsequently adapted to motion pictures. For the process two frames were advanced simultaneously, one located above the other. The light passed either through two lenses or through a beam-splitter, fitted with red and green filters. From the camera negative a master-positive was produced on an optical printer. During this step, optical problems caused by the arrangement were also corrected. The release print was exposed through a beam-splitter whereby the alternate frames were projected onto either side of double-coated stock. After development by a usual b/w process, the film was tanned to harden the exposed areas. The soft areas were dyed red-orange and blue-green respectively.

Due to the loss of light caused by the filters and by the optical set-up, the speed of the process was rather low.

  • Eggert (1932)
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  • Steinbacher_Kodachrome2Color_Ryan_1977_fig33_2013
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  • Eggert (1932)
  • Eggert (1932)
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  • Photomicrograph
  • Photomicrograph
  • Eggert (1932)
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