Agfacolor Screen Plate

Additive 3 color: Mosaic screen, still photography
“During the war, an important new screen plate appeared, based on patents taken out by J. H. Christensen in 1908. He proposed to make a concentrated solution of gum in alcohol. Divided into three parts, the gum solutions were dyed red, green ...
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Additive 3 color: Lenticular screen
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Kodacolor / Keller-Dorian Color

Additive 3 color: Lenticular screen
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Agfa bipack films

Subtractive 2 color: Bi-pack
AGFA BIPACK FILM The front film is orthochromatic and sensitive, therefore, to green and blue. The rear film is panchromatic and records red-orange only, there being a red-orange filter on the orthochromatic emulsion. In fact, this is a bipack of the ...
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Additive 3 color: Regular mosaic screen, still photography
  • Pénichon (2013)

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Subtractive 2 color: Bi-pack, mordant toning
  • Eggert (1932)

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Gasparcolor OR Gaspar Color

Subtractive 3 color: Silver dye-bleach multilayer print film
Gasparcolor was the first multi-layer monopack film available for practical use. It was a double-coated print film with a cyan layer on one side and two layers dyed magenta and yellow on the other side (see image). As a consequence of this ...
  • Kreise (1933-34)

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Agfacolor Neu / Agfacolor

Subtractive 3 color: Chromogenic monopack, reversal (from 1936), negative/positive process (from 1939)
“The New Agfacolor Process; Agfa Ansco Corp., Binghamton, N. Y. A survey of the history of monopack or multilayer photographic color processes is given, including the coloring methods of greatest importance at the present time. These are: (a) ...
  • Opfergang (1944) Magnification

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Eastman Color

Subtractive 3 color: Chromogenic monopack
“The Eastman Colour Films are multilayer films of the type in which the layers are not separated after exposure. Films of this class are known as Multilayer, Monopack or Integral Tripack. “Multilayer” is descriptive not only of this ...
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